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Super-Charge Your Event & Trade Marketing with Real-Time Analytics.

Finally, A Solution for a Challenge Most Marketers Face

95% marketers find in-person events crucial, only 23% can quantitatively prove ROI.

Measuring Event & Trade Marketing ROI is Hard
Easy Event Setup
Lack of Real-Time Data
Lack of real-time data prevents timely adjustments, missing critical moments to enhance attendee engagement and event experience.
Easy Event Setup
Fragmented Attendee Behaviour
Current methods fail to capture full attendee behavior, omitting vital in-booth interactions thus leading to fragmented profiles.
Easy Event Setup
Ineffective Measurement KPI
Reliance on attendance as a KPI overlooks engagement and lead quality, leading to poor lead attribution and misleading ROI analysis.
Super-Charge Your Experiential Marketing with EventLatics
Easy QR Code Registration
Personalised Check-In Code
Capture Visitor Actions
Real-Time Update
Easy CRM integration
Why Current Solutions Do Not Work
Easy Event Setup
App Download Reluctance
Easy Event Setup
High Implementation Cost
Easy Event Setup
Hardware Dependency
Easy Event Setup
Scalability Challenges
Easy Event Setup
Post-Event Data Delays
Why You WillLove EventLatics
Calculate Event ROI with Ease
Shorter Sales Cycle
Adapt Strategies in Real-Time
Identify High-Intent Leads
Ensure Programme Success
Imagine Doing All This For Your Next Project
Measure Beyond Attendance
Funnel Approach
Holistic Customer Profiles
Real-Time Analytics
Improved Engagement
Super-Charge Your Event & Trade Marketing Before Competitors Do
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